100% Indie Game Development

Maybe sometimes you feel like we do?

You got a great idea for a new game but you know deep down in your guts if you start developing this baby for the next few years you probably going to face a slowly, lonely and maybe even awful death. Either because of financial problems or because you simply have not enough resources to manage the whole project by yourself. So, what to do?

You need a sponsor… a publisher.. oh yeah, exactly! They will do all these things for you.. Hurray! Problem solved, let’s get started!

So you send your game idea to many many many publishing companies and you might be lucky enough to find one who LOVES your game and your spirit no matter what it cost. They invite you and soon you are going to get all the contracts to sign. But hey, what the hell… what happend to the game-design and the game mechanics you had in mind? NO WAY!

Looks like these guys have changed just a “few” things (here and there) on your game and now it just doesn’t sound so great anymore. Ok, so now what? You are not going to sell your game, your idea, your soul and your karma to a bunch of hee-ha’s for a few lousy bucks! RIGHT? Afterall, you don’t want your game to become a potential non-selling title in the next lousy supermarket at the corner.

Well, looks like you didn’t succeed after all. You didn’t sign the contracts and it looks like your ideas will never become reality. Now what?

Don’t give up, sit down and rethink your ideas all over again. Scratch some things and get help from friends and family as they can sometimes see things you did not see in your design in the first place. Redefine your ideas and crop down on things you just can’t do by yourself or with a little help from others.
Maybe now your game is not anymore what it was and maybe it’s just not as cool as you had in mind but hey, it’s still yours after all and you are going to release this puppy no matter what!!!


You are now officially a member in the guild of poor but happy “Indie-Game-Developers”!!! To let everybody know and because you probably are as proud as we are being independent souls, we created five funny 100% natural “Indie-Game-Dev” badges to be used on your site, your games or wherever you want them to be. All five badges are “free-to-download” and “free-to-use”.

So snatch’em while you’re here and send us a picture (or two) how and where you used yours! ;-)

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